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moulting pu 22

Anker 1


• Verkürzung der Auslösezeit um 30%

• Stabilere Bauform zur Reduktion von Hülsenschwingungen

• Verdeckte Systemschrauben

• Optimierter Rückstoßstollen, ideal für Systembettungen

• Verschiedene Montagebasen zur Auswahl

• Verbesserte Schaftauflageflächen

• Entwicklung und Fertigung im eigenen Betrieb

We're bringing 1898 into 2022.

Probably no other system is comparable reliable and aesthetic. A rifle that its owner can rely on. I have set myself the task of refining the good. Adjustments and technical refinements make my Mauser 98 system the ultimate locking system for modern high-performance calibers.

The Mauser 98 systems are milled from the solid. I use the most modern types of steel with almost twice the strength of the materials originally used. A combination of 5-way CNC high-tech and tradition. Highest precision fine-tuned to your desired caliber, the new Mauser PU 22  

• Reduction of tripping time by 30%

• More stable design to reduce core vibrations

• Concealed system screws

• Optimized recoil stud, ideal for system bedding

• Various mounting bases to choose from

• Improved shaft bearing surfaces

• Development and production in-house

Mauser system 98

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